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Why is Waterloo’s dead Christmas tree still there six months later?

People living in one Merseyside town are questioning why its Christmas tree is still up – almost SIX MONTHS after the big day.

The tree, on South Road in Waterloo, remains encased in picket fencing – and it has definitely seen better days.


Photos of the now rather brown tree are doing the rounds on social media.

Andrew Edwards tweeted: “Any help ‘shaming’ the owners of this Christmas tree into taking it down would be appreciated.”

Alex Nurse said: “The Christmas tree in Waterloo probably needs taking down…”, to which @LiverpoolPlants replied “Top marks for preparation. Only seven months until Christmas…”


But it seems there is a reason the tree is still there.

Crosby Housing Association (CHA),  who paid for the tree and its installation, say it was supposed to be a ‘forever’ tree – but it died.


Dave Tai of CHA said: “The idea was that this would be a living tree we could enjoy through all four seasons, for years to come.

“Not only does this mean we don’t incur the costs of disposing of it and having to buy and install another one, it means the community can benefit from it, day in, day out.

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“Unfortunately it hasn’t survived recent periods of dry and warm weather, so we’ll have to replace it. The only thing is there’s no point replacing it now as we’re on the cusp of summer, so the plan is to get a new one in autumn.” 

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