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Timaru man pleads guilty to indecently assaulting woman at Christmas party

Jordan Hohaia, 24, has admitted indecently assaulting a woman at a Christmas party. (File)


Jordan Hohaia, 24, has admitted indecently assaulting a woman at a Christmas party. (File)

A Timaru man has admitted inappropriately touching a woman while her children slept nearby at a Christmas party.

Jordan Hohaia, 24, rubbed the victim’s thighs and legs and grabbed her backside as she lay on a mattress at an address on Luxmoore Rd about 3.45am on December 25, 2018.

He pleaded guilty to indecent assault when he appeared before Judge Joanna Maze in the Timaru District Court on Thursday. A further charge, of assault with a weapon, was withdrawn by police prosecutor Toaiva Hitila.

Hohaia was “moderately intoxicated” when he left the party in the garage to enter the house, where the victim and her two children were sleeping on a foam mattress in the lounge.

“The defendant entered the room and accidently stood on her foot, which woke her up. They exchanged a few words before he left the room,” Hitila said.

Returning about two minutes later, he closed the door behind him before standing at the foot of her bed.

He told her he wanted to “have my way with you” and “all night I’ve been thinking about you” before touching her leg over her clothes, Hitila said.

When he attempted to lie next to her, she raised her hand to stop him. He said “we should be quiet not to wake the kids” and touched her thigh, prompting her to slap his hand away – to which he said “just let me touch you, I’ll make you feel good”.

“He reached under the blanket and grabbed the complainant’s backside,” Hitila said.

“She pushed him away and told him to get out of the room. He left the room, slamming the door behind him.”

Defence lawyer Jay Lovely said his client had been in custody for more than five months.

Judge Maze remanded Hohaia in custody for sentencing on August 7.

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