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Make Your Store Sparkle With This Top Christmas Trend

When it comes to festive decoration, there are four major trends retailers should know about for the 2019-2020 winter season: ‘Tender Festivities,’ ‘Essential Ceremonies’, ‘Sweet Traditions’ and ‘Luminous Celebrations.’ (Learn more about each of these trend types in our 2019 holiday trend writeup here.) But how should these Christmasworld trends be translated into celebrations throughout the year? Designer Claudia Herke from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano has some tips for retailers regarding trends and shop design.

Tip 1: Revel in ‘Luminous Celebrations’

In summer, the ‘luminous celebrations’ trend has the potential to shine – literally. This theme is full of glitz, and glamor, sparkles and shimmering fashion. Here, intense colors create strong accents to give off a modern look and feel. With it, retailers can create an ideal display that attracts the attention of customers.

“Retailers should concentrate on elements that form the core of this style: elegant, luminous and dark shades with intense pigments and changing metallic colors, shimmering surfaces, sequins, spangles, ultra-glossy finishes and lurex effects, combined with velvet and feathers,” explained Herke. “This all fits in well with summer and brings a touch of exclusivity and exoticism to the shop.”

Tip 2: Create a Tropical Atmosphere

In shop windows and interior displays, hanging paper banners with a printed wallpaper effect can also create a dramatic effect. Herke suggests the use of color-washed, informal surfaces that merge into one another. A strong, vibrant colorway, such as pink or purple, with powerful lighting effects is best of all, she continued.

“Use some exotic flower decoration as an eye-catcher.” — Claudia Herke.

“Orchids, reed spikes, bird of paradise flowers and decorative leaves underline the tropical atmosphere, which, when combined with beetles, dragonflies and butterflies, creates a stylish elegance. You can also display your goods using a very simple high-gloss, lacquered pedestal or a black cube. These can be created quickly and easily with an appropriate foil or varnish,” Herke recommended.

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