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Last Christmas movie – release date, plot, cast, trailer, director

Conceived by actress Emma Thompson and the late singer George Michael, Last Christmas is an upcoming festive rom-com written by Thompson and starring Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke and Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding, who play a pair of star-crossed lovers.

Here’s everything you need to know about Last Christmas…

When is Last Christmas released in cinemas?

Last Christmas will be released in the US on 8th November 2019. No word yet on a UK release date but we assume it will be around the same time.

What’s Last Christmas about?

In an exclusive interview with, Emma Thompson’s co-writer Bryony Kimmings, who penned the first draft of the screenplay, said the film was “based on the song, Last Christmas” by George Michael, which deals with themes of unrequited and lost love. The idea for the project came from Thompson, George Michael and Thompson’s husband Greg Wise.

“When I came on board, George was up for it, he’d already signed something to say yes, but he’d passed away,” Kimmings said, “and Greg and Emma were still very keen to write it.”

Kimmings was inspired by Michael’s gay rights advocacy while writing the first version of the script. “[When] I wrote my draft, I tried to slip in some trans people and make sure there was queer politics in there,” she told “I don’t know how much of that remains!”

The film will also reportedly include unreleased George Michael music, according to The Guardian.

In Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke’s character works as an elf in a year-round Christmas shop but, as Clarke told Entertainment Weekly, her character’s “general mood and persona doesn’t add up to the cheery outfit [she’s] in”.

“It’s very Christmassy,” Clarke added.

“We dialled it [the Christmas factor] up to eleven,” Golding agreed.

Who is in the cast of Last Christmas?

Emilia Clarke — best known for playing a dragon-riding Khaleesi in Game of Thrones — plays the film’s as-yet unnamed female lead, while Crazy Rich Asians’ Henry Golding will co-star. Joining the duo are Oscar-winner Emma Thompson, who co-wrote the film’s script, in the role of Adelia.

Michelle Yeah, who played Golding’s onscreen mother in Crazy Rich Asians, also stars, as do Rebecca Root (Boy Meets Girl), who plays Dr. Addis, and Patti Lapone (Pose, Penny Dreadful).

Who is directing Last Christmas?

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig is at the helm, having directed numerous hit films previously, including The Heat, Spy, and the 2016 remake of Ghostbusters.

When was Last Christmas filmed? 

Filming finished in February 2019, according to Feig’s social media.

Is there a trailer for Last Christmas?

No trailer yet, but there is a behind-the-scenes peek filmed by Entertainment Tonight.

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